Lab-Created Crowns vs. CEREC Same Day Crowns

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What is a crown?

When a tooth’s structure is effected by trauma, tooth decay, cracks or is worn down from grinding usually your dentist will recommend a crown.
The crown covers the tooth like a hat, which is why they are sometimes called caps. They look like a tooth but are made to make the existing tooth stronger and longer lasting.
Dental crowns can also be used for improving aesthetics in cosmetic dentistry.

Same Day Crowns

Our wonderful milling machine mills porcelain crowns in house allowing us to deliver same day crowns to our patients with no need for extra appointments or annoying temporary crowns! 

Same day crown process:

  • First the dentist will prepare your tooth/ teeth for the crowns as required

  • Our intra oral scanner will be used to take a 3D scan of the prepared teeth

  • This 3D scan is imported into our design software where your bespoke crown is designed by your dentist

  • This is then sent to the milling unit where it will be milled

  • Once milled your crown will be glazed and furnaced to enhance its strength

  • The crown will then be bonded to your tooth

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