EMS Airflow

Introducing The EMS Airflow

New comfortable cleaning technique

Here at Goldfields Family Dental we are excited to announce the arrival of a revolutionary new product that makes your regular professional dental cleaning more effective and comfortable. This new product is called the EMS Airflow Prophylaxis Master and is changing the way you have your teeth cleaned.

Often you may experience some sensitivity while your teeth are being professionally cleaned. The majority of the time this sensitivity is caused by the ultrasonic scaler (the shaking feeling) using cold water on your teeth. This cold water and vibrating sensation is required to remove the hard tartar buildup on your teeth. With this new Airflow technology, the water that is used can be warmed up to 40 degrees celsius reducing the sensitivity you may experience.

In conjunction with the warm water reducing the sensitivity, the Airflow uses a separate tool which will remove the biofilm (soft plaque) reducing the time needed to scale the teeth with the ultrasonic scaler. This tool uses a combination of a fine powder, air and water to remove the bacteria on the teeth. This replaces the need to polish the teeth with a rubber cup and gritty paste and is also much more effective and comfortable.

What is involved with an Airflow clean?
This new technique of cleaning is based around what is called Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT). GBT involves painting a harmless coloured dye on the teeth which physically stains the bacteria in 3 different colours as seen in the photos below.

Once this dye is applied to the teeth your clinician will provide oral hygiene instruction on where you may need to pay more attention with the cleaning. After this, the Airflow machine will be used to remove all this stain in turn removing all the biofilm. Once the biofilm is removed, if there is any remaining tartar build up the ultrasonic scaler can be used.



If you’d like to try out this new cleaning device please call us at Goldfields Family Dental 9000 3514.

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