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Booking Policy

At Goldfields Family Dental, we aim to deliver exceptional dental care and deeply value your commitment to maintaining your oral health. To ensure the smooth operation of our appointments and uphold our service standards, we have implemented the following booking policy:

  1. Booking Deposit:
    • A minimum booking deposit of $75 (amount subject to the type of appointment) is required for all appointments.

     2. Deposit Payment:

    • All deposits must be completed within 24 hours of booking to confirm your appointment slot. If your booking falls within the 24 hr period your deposit must be made at the time of booking.
    • If you use our online booking function, our office will contact you for payment arrangements, which can be made via:
      • Phone during office hours.
      • In-person at our clinic.
      • Secure online payment through a text message link we provide.
      3. Cancellation and Non-Attendance Policy:

  • Failure to make the deposit payment within 24 hours of booking may result in automatic appointment cancellation. In case of non-attendance or appointment cancellation without a minimum of 24hrs notice, the deposit will be forfeited.
       4. Refund Policy:

  •  Any remaining deposit after your appointment will be promptly refunded to you, unless otherwise requested.

Please be informed that adherence to these terms and conditions is necessary for booking appointments. If you are uncertain or have any questions regarding our terms, we encourage you to contact us for clarification before scheduling your appointment.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us maintain an efficient schedule that benefits all our patients.

Thank you for choosing Goldfields Family Dental. We eagerly anticipate serving you and contributing to your optimal dental health.

Preferred Provider

At Goldfields Family Dental, we prioritize transparency and clarity in our interactions with patients regarding their insurance coverage and payment responsibilities. While we strive to facilitate smooth transactions and encourage you to book a complimentary consultation with one of our treatment coordinators to provide accurate information, it’s important to note that the responsibility for understanding insurance coverage lies with the patient.

Preferred Providers:

Goldfields Family Dental is proud to be affiliated with various health insurance providers, including HBF and HCF. As a preferred provider, we aim to offer our patients quality dental care while maximizing their insurance benefits. However, being a preferred provider does not guarantee coverage for all services under every insurance policy.

Insurance Coverage:

We understand that navigating insurance policies can be complex. Therefore, we encourage patients to familiarize themselves with the details of their insurance coverage, including any limitations, exclusions, or requirements for specific services. Patients are responsible for verifying their insurance benefits and understanding the extent of coverage for dental treatments, including routine check-ups, cleanings, extractions, fillings and all additional procedures.

Text Message Marketing:

Goldfields Family Dental occasionally sends text messages to patients for marketing purposes, including reminders about upcoming appointments and recommendations for preventive care services. While these messages aim to provide helpful information and encourage proactive dental care, they are not substitutes for verifying insurance coverage directly with your insurer.

Patient Responsibility:

While our team is committed to assisting patients with insurance-related inquiries and claims processing, it’s important to clarify that the ultimate responsibility for payment rests with the patient. Patients are accountable for confirming their insurance coverage eligibility, including any requirements for extras cover or specific treatment categories. Goldfields Family Dental does not have access to your policy and you must discuss your cover with your associated health insurer to ensure coverage.


We acknowledge the importance of clear communication in preventing misunderstandings. Our clinic endeavors to provide accurate information regarding insurance coverage during initial communications and appointment scheduling. However, patients are encouraged to seek clarification if they have any doubts or concerns regarding their insurance benefits.


At Goldfields Family Dental, we value our patients’ trust and aim to provide exceptional dental care with integrity and transparency. We appreciate your cooperation in understanding and adhering to our policy on preferred providers and payment responsibility.

For any inquiries or further assistance regarding insurance coverage, please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic.

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