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The Art of Facial Cosmetics Services at Goldfields Family Dental. Welcome, What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Goldfields Family Dental? For many people, the premier Australian dental clinic’s combination of expertise and aesthetics immediately springs to mind. That’s right at Goldfields Family Dental, our wide range of cosmetic procedures undoubtedly stands out. But it’s not just about making your smile healthier; it also entails making it your most prominent characteristic.

Wrinkle relaxers

“Smooth and rejuvenate your skin with precision treatments that target wrinkles and accentuate beauty.” Lips, Nasolabial, Cheeks “Fill out sagging contours and give your face a lift with our custom treatments for lips, nasolabial creases, and cheeks.”

Threads: Thread Lifts, Mini Thread

“Bask in the facelift glow with our advanced thread lifts, including invasive and mini threads.”

Comprehensive Smile Enhancements

At Goldfields Family Dental, we appreciate that every smile is one of a kind. Our comprehensive smile enhancements consist of teeth whitening, veneers, and complete smile makeovers. Our cutting-edge technology and methods are used to treat you as accurately as possible. We strive to improve your natural beauty and radiance while still maintaining your oral health.

Skin and Lips Treatments

To complement our dental services, Goldfields Family Dental provides top-notch skin and lip treatments. At our facility, treatments are given by qualified AHPRA registered clinicians. They help refresh your look by restoring your youthfulness and matching your brilliant smile.

Simple Steps to a Stunning Smile

Consultation and Planning

This first step of the journey is purely about understanding your goals. We will discuss the look you’re aiming for and assess your skin health in order to develop a plan that leaves you with a smile and look as unique as you.

Pre-Treatment Preparations

It is where we will gather the necessary data before beginning your journey with treatment.

Creation of Treatment

Face plumpers & Wrinkle Relaxers : Once we have consulted and analyzed your face, we will use that information carefully to select the most suitable face plumpers or relaxer type and dosage for specific areas such as wrinkles, lines or lip enhancement.

Fitting and Adjustments

As our expert staff meticulously apply the face plumpers, relaxer, or one-of-a-kind treatment you can relax and watch a movie on our over head TVs. We will make sure the results are perfect for you. We are more than thrilled to make tiny changes to achieve the degree of perfection you want.

Follow-Up Care

Even after our appointment is through, we will still have a necessary follow-up appointment in order to make sure that our work remains up to your high standards.

Ongoing Support

At Goldfields Family Dental, we pledge to still be a resource for you, and support you in any way on your journey.


We Guarantee

Goldfields Family Dental guarantees to offer you exceptional care and top-notch treatments that will always go beyond your expectations. Our role is to help you achieve that dream smile with maximum comfort and satisfaction.

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The best version of YOU starts at the Goldfields Family Dental. We are proud to provide our patients with high-quality facial cosmetics services, helping you shine inside and out.


Below are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our facial cosmetics. Have a different question? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

The time of the treatment could vary based on the treatment one goes with; however, many patients start seeing changes immediately after the treatment and gradually changing over the weeks.

We offer a wide array of facial cosmetic procedures. Goldfields Family Dental’s facial cosmetic clinician can assess your unique concerns and suggest the most appropriate method to help you obtain your desired results.

If you’re unsure,  we discuss concerns such as the health of the skin or the anticipated goal in your consultation at Goldfields Family Dental.
Goldfields Family Dental’s seasoned professionals use natural-looking cosmetic treatments to improve your self-confidence. Some treatments can help to eliminate wrinkles, increase facial average dimensions, or rejuvenate a smile.

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