Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry involves the repair or replacement of teeth that are chipped, discoloured, deformed, crooked, worn down or missing altogether. At Goldfields Family Dental we take pride in providing you with the best possible outcome in terms improving the function and appearance of your teeth and overall smile. Cosmetic services available include:

⦁ Implants
⦁ Veneers
⦁ Crowns and Bridges
⦁ Tooth Whitening / Bleaching
⦁ Build Up of Worn Down Teeth

Dental Implant

Modern dental implants are designed in a way that mimics the anatomy of a natural tooth. After it’s set into the bone near where the previous tooth was removed, osseointegration takes place and fuses the implant permanently into the mouth.
Choosing an implant from Goldfields Family Dental to rehabilitate your teeth offers many advantages:

⦁ Biocompatible materials that are easily accepted by the body
⦁ Durable designs that can support a wide variety of restorations
⦁ Useful for replacing individual or multiple teeth
⦁ The highest success rate and life expectancy of modern tooth replacements
⦁ Easy maintenance
⦁ Non-invasive to neighbouring teeth
⦁ Preservation of natural tooth spacing


Veneers are an excellent and popular aesthetic procedure because of how significantly they can transform your appearance. A dental veneer masks the tooth behind it, working alongside of other veneers to instantly make your smile look whiter, properly shaped and aligned, without braces or other treatments.
They are ideal for addressing:

⦁ Gaps, crowding and misaligned teeth
⦁ Discoloured enamel
⦁ Teeth that are uneven or misshaped

dental care perfect white teeth

Crown and bridge

Some of our most common restorative treatments that we offer are our custom dental bridges and crowns.

Because we want your smile to be just as beautiful as it is healthy, our providers incorporate durable aesthetic materials that preserve and rehabilitate your smile without sacrificing function or appearance.

Each of our crowns and bridges are handcrafted in a local lab by technicians that we’ve worked with for several years. You can rest assured that your treatment will be of the highest quality for the best results possible.

Dental Crowns

Crowns cover your entire visible tooth structure up to the gumlines, protecting it from trauma while preserving natural function. Such restorations are necessary on teeth that have experienced
⦁ Endodontic therapy
⦁ Severe tooth decay
⦁ Advanced trauma or fractures

Dental bridges

If you have missing teeth, a secured dental bridge offers a straightforward solution to restore your bite’s function and appearance. Unlike removable partial dentures, a bridge affixes over adjacent healthy teeth with an artificial crown suspended in place of the missing tooth.

Tooth whitening

In-chair ZOOM® Whitening

We are currently offering laser teeth whitening at Goldfields Family Dental, all at a discounted price of $600, original value $1200.

ZOOM is the industry leader in same day teeth whitening. During your visit we will apply a specially formulated gel to your teeth, then use a bright blue light that stimulates faster oxidation of stain particles. The 3x 15-minute treatment in one appointment is usually all we need to achieve the desired results. When you need whiter teeth straightaway, our in-office option is the best choice.

Take Home Trays

FREE take home trays with every check up and clean. Offer ends 30th of April 2022, T’s&C’s apply.

We fit you with customized trays that snuggly snap over your teeth. Apply a small amount of concentrated whitening gel inside of each tooth reservoir and wear your trays for at least one hour per day. You’ll begin to see results within the first week, with full results by day 14.

Composite bonding

Composite resin bonding can be a fast, minimally invasive and inexpensive option for the beautiful smile you’re looking for. But knowing what makes you a good candidate can help you determine if it’s the right investment for you. 

It is a cosmetic technique wherein a type of dental material – in this case, composite resin – is shaped and moulded on your teeth to give the appearance of straighter, whiter smile. It can be used as a cosmetic solution to chipped teeth, gapped teeth and staining in both teeth and fillings. Unlike porcelain veneer placement, which can take more than two visits, composite resin bonding can be completed in one appointment.
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