Sleep Dentistry

Dental Sedation by Specialist Anaesthetists …the Difference in Safety

Goldfields Family Dental understands that dental visits can be overwhelming and can cause high levels of anxiety for some patients. Often this level of anxiety can discourage patients from visiting the dentist and thereby preventing them from obtaining treatment often required to improve their oral health.

IV Sleep dentistry at Goldfields Family Dental is run by specialist anaesthetists who administer the anaesthetic and provide specialist medical supervision. Our anaesthetists have extensive experience in various anaesthetic techniques and IV Sedation, assisting in a broad range of adult and paediatric dentistry treatments. Their additional experience in Intensive Care and airway management underlines the level of expertise and safety that can be expected at the clinic.

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General anaesthetic procedures are carried out at Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital using the latest in specialised dental equipment and materials. Patients are required to visit Goldfields Family Dental for a consultation (including a dental examination and diagnostic x-rays). Arrangements are then made with the Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital where their dental treatment will be provided by an accredited dentist from Goldfields Family Dental. Most dental patients are admitted as day only patients and ordinarily discharged within 2 hours of their procedure. Contact GFD to book your consultation today.

Penthrox or “the green whistle”, is an inhaling device that provides immediate relief from pain and anxiety during treatment. It helps relax muscles like the tongue so is great for use in patients who are gaggers.

Oral sedation is ideal for people who want moderate sedation. We administer the oral sedatives one hour before the dental procedure. For moderate sedation, we offer you a pill of valium/diazepam. For oral sedation an escort to and from the procedure is required.

Dr Arthur Stephenson

Intensive Care & Emergency Medicine Specialist

Dr Arthur Stephenson was born in South Africa where he did his basic medical training at The University of Cape Town, before moving to Australia to specialise.
He was the first specialist in Australia to complete the final exams in both Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine at the same time.

He has worked extensively overseas including South Africa, UK and New Zealand.
Arthur has worked as a specialist in Australia for over 10 years. He has extensive experience working in tertiary care hospitals.
In his role as an Intensive Care Specialist he is responsible for managing the treatment of critically unwell patients.
His work in Emergency Medicine enables him to remain calm under pressure and respond appropriately to all emergencies.

Arthur has devoted a considerable amount of time to regional areas in Australia. His expertise from both medical specialties has made a considerable impact on health care delivered to these regions.

Arthur is heavily involved in education of specialist trainees and is responsible for setting up and running the WA Intensive Care Part 1 trainee course.

Arthur is married with 2 young children.
When not working or spending time with his family, Arthur is a keen kitesurfer and enjoys a round of golf.

Arthur prides himself on being a caring, personable doctor with extensive experience who has an organised and efficient approach to medicine.

Professor Luke Torre

Anaesthetist and Intensive Care Specialist

Professor Luke Torre is a Western Australian born and trained medical specialist in the fields of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. He graduated in Medicine at the University of Western Australia with honors in 1999 and has provided over 20 years of medical service, working locally, interstate and overseas during his career.

He gained a Specialist qualification in Anaesthesia in 2008 from the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, winning the prize for the highest score in the Primary Examination.

He then went on to do further Specialist training in Intensive Care, graduating in 2009 as a Fellow of the College of Intensive Care Medicine.

Luke has provided the very highest level of service in these two fields for over 10 years. He has a wealth of clinical experience and has managed some of the most challenging and critically ill patients in the state of Western Australia, saving countless lives during that time in his role as Intensive Care Specialist at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Anaesthetist at Joondalup Health Campus

Luke has special interests in Difficult Airway Management, Resuscitation and Ventilation and has spoken at local, National and International Conferences. He is published in the fields of both Anaesthesia and Intensive Care in Medical Journals and Medical Textbooks.

Luke is an Professor of Critical Care Medicine at Notre Dame University Fremantle where he has taught for over 10 years at the School of Medicine. He has a love of teaching and is educating the next generation of Australian doctors

In his “spare time”, Luke is devoted to his wife and 5 children and has a love of Australian Rules Football where he barracks for the West Coast Eagles.

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