Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile, Here Comes Your Cosmetic Dental Treatment

Cosmetic Dentistry involves the repair or replacement of teeth that are chipped, discoloured, deformed, crooked, worn down or missing altogether. At Goldfields Family Dental we take pride in providing you with the best possible outcome in terms improving the function and appearance of your teeth and overall smile.

Of all the areas of the body that can be improved by human intervention, the teeth are the prime candidates. They are also among the most important because people look at your face a lot and if your teeth leave much to be desired, it creates an impression you don’t want to make.

Cosmetic dentistry is now available to all – if they have a good practitioner nearby. That is why patients are coming to us from Kalgoorlie and further afield; they have heard about our cosmetic dental procedures, seen patients who have benefited from them, and they want some of their own. And why not? It is nice to be good-looking and this is one sure-fire way of enhancing your appearance. Read More

Film stars are famous for their flashing white smiles, to the extent that often we don’t really notice them anymore. We take it for granted. But guess what: in many cases they are not flaunting the pristine mouth furniture bestowed on them by nature. They have had work done to correct imperfections, straighten and align, replace missing or unsightly teeth, or simply brighten the display. Actors do it because image is important to them – but image is important to the rest of us too.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Services Help?

There is a whole list of things we can do for you when it comes to cosmetic dental treatments. Let’s start with veneers. Just like a wood veneer on a piece of furniture, a dental veneer can improve the look of a tooth. A veneer can mask imperfections, making your smile look cleaner and more even. Suddenly you have a set of teeth that look ordered, with an air of quality and refinement.

Then there are dental implants, which are the ideal solution for gaps and teeth damaged beyond repair. They are screwed into the jawbone for absolute stability. Exciting new materials can make implants look completely authentic, with the natural translucence of your real teeth, and colour-matched so they truly look as if they have been there all along.

If the basis of a tooth is still sound but the visible part is rotten or severely damaged, we can remove the unwanted part, make a crown and attach it to the root. Again, with the best modern materials, you will have all the strength and solidity you had in the first place, built onto the natural base.

Crowns and bridges are often used in less visible parts of the mouth and for practical purposes rather than strictly cosmetic ones, but if you do find yourself laughing with your full set exposed, you can do so safe in the knowledge that everything looks good and natural.

How to Get Started with Cosmetic Dentistry

If you have an issue you would like resolved, all you have to do is make an appointment with us at Goldfields Family Dental Clinic, which you can do with a phone call. Alternatively, send us an email or fill in the online contact form and we’ll get back to you. You come in, tell the dentist your concerns and we will talk you through the options and begin treatment. Then you can start to smile for the cameras again. Read Less

Dental Implants

Modern dental implants are designed in a way that mimics the anatomy of a natural tooth. After it’s set into the bone near where the previous tooth was removed, osseointegration takes place and fuses the implant permanently into the mouth.

Choosing an implant from Goldfields Family Dental to rehabilitate your teeth offers many advantages:

⦁ Biocompatible materials that are easily accepted by the body
⦁ Durable designs that can support a wide variety of restorations
⦁ Useful for replacing individual or multiple teeth
⦁ The highest success rate and life expectancy of modern tooth replacements
⦁ Easy maintenance
⦁ Non-invasive to neighbouring teeth
⦁ Preservation of natural tooth spacing

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Bonding with Nature: Dental Implants in Kalgoorlie

Dental implants represent the pinnacle of modern dentistry’s approach to replacing missing teeth, offering a solution that not only mimics the natural structure of teeth but also integrates seamlessly with the bone, a process known as osseointegration. This natural fusion ensures that the implant, complete with its prosthetic root, becomes a permanent part of your mouth, providing strength and stability akin to that of your original teeth. For those considering dental implants in Kalgoorlie, understanding this process can demystify the procedure and highlight its benefits, making it a clear choice for anyone looking to restore their smile with the most effective and natural-looking option available.

All-On-4 Dental Implants Treatment

Opting for all-on-4 dental implants at Goldfields Family Dental offers a revolutionary solution for those seeking full-mouth restoration with minimal discomfort and downtime. This technique, utilising just four implants per jaw, supports full-arch implant bridges, providing a stable and natural-looking smile in a single day, without the need for bone grafting. Unlike traditional dentures that can lead to jaw shrinkage over time, or full implants that require numerous procedures and a lengthy recovery, all-on-4 implants are designed for quick recovery, allowing patients to smile confidently again in no time. As a state-of-the-art facility, Goldfields Family Dental stands out with its comprehensive services, including all-on-4 dental implants, ensuring you receive the expert care and support needed to restore your smile efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Us For Your Dental Implants in Kalgoorlie?

At Goldfields Family Dental, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of dental technology, offering our patients in Kalgoorlie with dental implants that not only boast superior strength but also a natural appearance, thanks to the latest materials that mimic the translucency and shade of real teeth. Whether you’re seeking a single tooth replacement or an all-on-4 dental implant solution, our team of specialists is equipped to guide you through the process, from the initial consultation to the final fitting, ensuring comfort and authenticity. By choosing dental implants in Kalgoorlie, you’re not just restoring your smile; you’re investing in a solution that’s designed to be a lasting part of you, enhancing both function and aesthetics. Read Less

Dental Veeners

Veneers are an excellent and popular aesthetic procedure because of how significantly they can transform your appearance. A teeth veneer masks the tooth behind it, working alongside of other veneers to instantly make your smile look whiter, properly shaped and aligned, without braces or other treatments.

They are ideal for addressing:

⦁ Gaps, crowding and misaligned teeth
⦁ Discoloured enamel
⦁ Teeth that are uneven or misshaped

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How a Veneers Dentist Can Transform Your Teeth?

At Goldfields Family Dental, we specialize in transforming smiles with the least invasive methods available, and cosmetic veneers stand out as a prime example. Unlike more radical dental procedures, veneers dentist offer a simple yet effective solution to a variety of dental imperfections. Whether you’re looking to address issues with color, shape, or alignment, veneers in Kalgoorlie provide a quick and aesthetically pleasing solution. Made from thin but durable materials like composite or porcelain, these sheaths are expertly applied to your existing teeth, masking imperfections and enhancing your smile without the need for more extensive dental work. This approach not only improves the appearance of your teeth but also offers a layer of protection against future damage.

The concept of using a veneer for teeth, which originated in Hollywood in the 1920s, has evolved significantly, with modern advancements ensuring that today’s veneers are more realistic, durable, and long-lasting than ever before. At Goldfields Family Dental, we pride ourselves on offering the best veneers Kalgoorlie has to offer, utilising the latest techniques and materials to ensure your new smile is both beautiful and enduring. If you’re considering cosmetic veneers, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Booking an appointment is easy—simply call, email, or fill out our online form, and take the first step towards the confident, radiant smile you deserve. Read Less

Crowns and Bridges

Some of our most common restorative treatments that we offer are our custom dental bridges and crowns.

Because we want your smile to be just as beautiful as it is healthy, our providers incorporate durable aesthetic materials that preserve and rehabilitate your smile without sacrificing function or appearance.

Each of our crowns and bridges are handcrafted in a local lab by technicians that we’ve worked with for several years. You can rest assured that your treatment will be of the highest quality for the best results possible.

Dental Crowns

Crowns cover your entire visible tooth structure up to the gumlines, protecting it from trauma while preserving natural function. Such restorations are necessary on teeth that have experienced:
⦁ Endodontic therapy
⦁ Severe tooth decay
⦁ Advanced trauma or fractures

Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth, a secured dental bridge offers a straightforward solution to restore your bite’s function and appearance. Unlike removable partial dentures, a bridge affixes over adjacent healthy teeth with an artificial crown suspended in place of the missing tooth. Read More

How Teeth Crowns Can Make You Feel Like Royalty

At Goldfields Family Dental, our expertise in crown dental and bridge dental work sets us apart in Kalgoorlie, offering advanced solutions for those looking to enhance their smile. Whether it’s a dentist crown to revive a heavily filled tooth or bridge work to seamlessly close the gaps left by missing teeth, our clinic is equipped with the latest in dental technology to restore your smile’s brilliance. Teeth crowns, also known as tooth caps, are meticulously crafted in a dental lab by skilled technicians, ensuring a fit that is both perfect and indistinguishable from your natural teeth. This not only returns the functionality lost with the damaged or missing tooth but also instills a renewed sense of confidence with a smile that looks and feels royal.

Bridge Dental Work: Closing the Gap in Style

For those dealing with the aesthetic and functional issues of missing teeth, our bridge work, including the single tooth bridge, offers a durable and visually appealing solution. By using cutting-edge materials that blend strength with a natural appearance, our dental bridges are designed to anchor firmly to your existing teeth, providing a fixed and lasting solution. This approach not only improves the look of your smile but also its overall health, preventing the shifting of teeth and maintaining the integrity of your jaw structure. At Goldfields Family Dental, we prioritize a personalized treatment plan, ensuring that each patient receives the most effective solution tailored to their unique dental needs.

Choose Goldfields Family Dental For Your Needs

Understanding the importance of a comprehensive dental care approach, Goldfields Family Dental is committed to restoring the style and functionality of your smile. Through a detailed consultation, we explore the most suitable options for your situation, whether that involves a dentist bridge or dental crowns. Our aim is to not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your smile but to ensure its long-term health and functionality. By choosing our state-of-the-art clinic for your dental needs, you’re taking a step towards a brighter, more confident smile, backed by the expertise and care of our dedicated dental professionals. Read Less

Tooth Whitening

In-chair ZOOM® Whitening

We are currently offering laser teeth whitening at Goldfields Family Dental, all at a discounted price of $600, original value $1200.

ZOOM is the industry leader in same day teeth whitening. During your visit we will apply a specially formulated gel to your teeth, then use a bright blue light that stimulates faster oxidation of stain particles. The 3x 15-minute treatment in one appointment is usually all we need to achieve the desired results. When you need whiter teeth straightaway, our in-office option is the best choice.

Take Home Trays

FREE take home trays with every check up and clean. Offer ends 30th of April 2022, T’s&C’s apply.

We fit you with customized trays that snuggly snap over your teeth. Apply a small amount of concentrated whitening gel inside of each tooth reservoir and wear your trays for at least one hour per day. You’ll begin to see results within the first week, with full results by day 14. Read More

Why Go to a Teeth Whitening Professional?

In today’s world, where the clarity of images in media highlights beauty and imperfections alike, the demand for professional teeth whitening services has surged. This desire for a brighter smile is not just about emulating the flawless appearance of celebrities but about reclaiming the natural whiteness our teeth once had. Despite diligent oral hygiene, the foods and drinks we consume can leave stains that are tough to remove without professional help. Goldfields Family Dental recognizes this need and offers advanced dental whitening solutions, including the highly effective laser teeth whitening with Zoom technology. This method, involving a special gel activated by a bright blue light, promises significant whitening in just one visit, making it a safe and efficient option for those looking to enhance their smile.

Book Your Dental Teeth Whitening Appointment Today

Booking an appointment for dentist teeth whitening at our clinic in Kalgoorlie is straightforward and can lead to transformative results. With a range of substances like tea, coffee, red wine, and even healthful but staining foods like beetroot and blueberries contributing to tooth discoloration, turning to a teeth whitening professional becomes an appealing choice for many. Goldfields Family Dental offers a quick and safe way to achieve a dazzling smile, with treatments that can counteract years of staining in a single session. Whether you reach out by phone, email, or online form, taking the step towards professional teeth whitening could be one of the most impactful decisions for your appearance and confidence. Read Less

Composite Bonding

Composite resin bonding can be a fast, minimally invasive and inexpensive option for the beautiful smile you’re looking for. But knowing what makes you a good candidate can help you determine if it’s the right investment for you.

It is a cosmetic technique wherein a type of dental material – in this case, composite resin – is shaped and moulded on your teeth to give the appearance of straighter, whiter smile. It can be used as a cosmetic solution to chipped teeth, gapped teeth and staining in both teeth and fillings. Unlike porcelain veneer placement, which can take more than two visits, composite resin bonding can be completed in one appointment.

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Josh Duffy
Josh Duffy
10/10 was a little anxious about getting a tooth pulled but it was pain free and all the staff were super friendly. No longer in any pain.
Austin Albers
Austin Albers
This team has taken care of my teeth in a professional manner. Dr. Kal is fantastic!
Jodie Hall
Jodie Hall
Recently bit the bullet and finally took myself to the dentist after 5 years 🙈. I tell you after the experience at GFD the time between visits will no longer be that long! The staff at GFD we so welcoming and accommodating, not a word to make me feel bad about leaving so long between visits, I felt supported for finally doing some self care. I was also terrified of going through having a clean, remembering it like torture 5 years ago, but honestly it was way less painful, (the EMS was a breeze!) and if I don't leave it for so long to the next one, I know it will actually be painless!!! Who knew going to the dentist could actually be so enjoyable. Shoutout to Truc for a great job and being lovely!
Eleonora 1991
Eleonora 1991
Definitely recommend this clinic! Specially Dr Matt I had my wisdom teeth removed and the experience was very good, they explained everything, I’m now few days post operation and I’m felling good, they pain is already gone,nothing compared with other surgery done overseas.
Kayla Sable
Kayla Sable
Great family orientated environment Expert dentists Highly satisfied overall Kind and Curteious staff Highly recommended
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Victoria Berben
I cannot thank the staff here enough for the most wonderful first dental experience for my 3 year old. I was really worried about him being compliant because of his stubborness and how he usually is at the doctor. I left with my mouth wide open in amazement! The childrens jungle themed waiting room made him feel very comfortable. Dr Sigourney took her time with him showing him all the equipment and got him to even lay on the chair without me! The dental nurse was also so kind. Then collette took him to the underwater themed teeth brushing room and was incredible, even getting him to use toothpaste which I always struggle with. Thank you all
Had a temporary filling repaired by Sigourney this morning and would just like to say how lovely she was. She explained what she was doing every step of the way and it took all the nerves and anxiety out of it.
Caitlin Robertson
Caitlin Robertson
Everyone was so helpful and thorough when dealing with my family. It was professionall and the setup is fantastic.
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